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Professional Wine Country Realestate Sales

Professional Wine Country Realestate Sales & Consulting


Specializing in Temecula Wine Country Realestate Sales

With over 15 years of experience, we know what it takes to be a successful vacation rental owner. Let us help you find/sell the perfect California Wine Country vacation rental home.

Our team is here to analyze your return on investment, negotiate the purchase/sale of your beautiful property, and take your vacation rental live to potential guests through our vacation rental manager partners.

We are pleased towalk you thru:

  • Consulting With Our Clients -   Analyize properties for revenue potential.

  • Buy & Sell With Us -  Locate the property, negotiate the purchase or sale.

  • Set Up Your Vacation Home - Custom interior design and furnishing consulting.

  • Introduction to a Rental Company - Meet one of our local reputable vacation rental companies.

If you’re ready to buy a vacation rental home in Temecula or any California wine region, give us a call at (951) 237-2273, or email us at


Your Getaway That’s Not Far Away!

At Bailey & Associates we are driven to deliver a superior experience to our buyers and homeowners.

We provide a complete analysis of properties for vacation rental home use and investment.

Our team will evaluate the return on investment (ROI), guide you through the purchase or sale of your vacation rental home, and introduce you to one of our many property managers.

Why pay to rent a vacation rental home when you can buy it!